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Top performance is highly valued in our society.

Lyngen Alps, Norway

Should success always be based on some kind of performance? Where performance involves rising to meet some kind of measurement.

Here is a business related definition of performance: The accomplishment of a given task measured against preset known standards of accuracy, completeness, cost, and speed.

What if success were founded on not that which is performance based or, measurable (therefore inherently limited) but instead, related to direct experience and presence. For example the experience of flow. Flow is a state that many of us have experienced in fleeting moments where time is no longer a limitation, action is effortless, movement is joy . . . It is a state of non-measure. That which is unlimited.

If we aim directly for it, in a goal-oriented way, it is unlikely to be achieved. Achieving goals requires limits and measure.

What if the experience of flow – unlimited by time, effortless action, movement as joy – were synonymous with the process of life? Like a flower flourishing through it's cycle.

If you are not sure - observe your children at play.

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