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Group Trips

Trips offered by MWSGuide are suited to both individuals and groups.

Tailored to the group, our exploration may include presentations, workshops, mountain journeys, and technical mountain skills. We can facilitate dialogue and incorporate energy-arts practices to help restore balance.

Nature's rhythms

As well as mountain sports and skills, our activities focus on aligning ourselves with the environment. Attending to nature’s rhythms and patterns helps us to see clearly, gain a holistic view and turn our awareness towards the truth of our mental models of the world. This is the basis for addressing topics such as risk management and decision making.

Movement of shared meaning

Our journeys of mountain and mind are a unique movement of shared meaning that flows naturally from the context and dynamics of a particular group of people, their activity, location, and mountain conditions . . . While each person needs individually to reach a state of self-awareness and equanimity by pausing their habitual reactions, suspending judgement and the need for results - the intent is to tap into the group’s collective intelligence. The transformative power unleashed by the synergy of a group is at the heart of this inquiry.

How is this acheived?
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