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We offer trips that are a natural extension to mountain guiding. We think of this extension as an inquiry into the unknown.

Our journeys in the mountains and other natural environments seek to address the disharmony created by our modern, fast-paced lives.


Trips offered by MWSguide involve traditional guided activities such as skiing, climbing or glacier hiking in beautiful places. In compliment to these mountain activities we launch an inquiry into our thinking process and how that affects our perception of how things are.


The mountain landscape becomes both a medium and a metaphor for exploring our interior landscape (mind-scape).

What is this inquiry about? - read more.

What journeys of mountain and mind are about

Journeys of mountain and mind are about real experience. What is meant by this is an experience of the senses achieved by engaging in the process. The experience touches one’s true being without being encumbered by expectations on how this journey should be thought, felt, seen, remembered. In other words, an experience where you are wholly present.​

To be wholly present is to turn off thought-filters and to lose for some moments a sense of ‘self’. It is to become aware that we are not separate from the beautiful alpine environment that we find ourselves in – we are an integral part of it.​

If we climb for the sole purpose of gaining a summit (traditional goal-focused climbing) then we have turned the activity into a material goal. The ‘meaning’ is shallow, holding no more significance than the digital images on our computer screens. The process becomes pointless. But if we focus on the journey, engage in the process, tune into the rhythms, and the ever-changing patterns of nature we can gain an authentic, meaningful experience.

What our trips involve

Each of our trips are different but they are essentially a journey – tailored around you and your companion’s or group's expectations. Here are some typical ingredients:

Beautiful locations.

Mountain activities: skiing, hiking, climbing that involve body movements that invoke joy!

A calm pace.

Rhythms that match nature.

Awareness: Looking at the patterns in the mountains that give us information for decision making.

Activities that connect people and foster a sense of participatory thinking.

What you get out of it

An experience in nature that enables:

A sense of renewal.

Access to a place of stillness within yourself.

A new, clearer perspective.

The benefits of being present.

A glimpse of what lies beyond our limits . . .

. . . which can lead to insight and positive change.

How is this acheived?
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